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It is with great pleasure that we write this PanGro Development recommendation. The framework of our project was to restore and update a 150 year old Victorian farmhouse that had been severely neglected but had great potential. We had moved from our farm in Unionville, PA and had demanding requirements both to design and workmanship; our previous home having won a national award for its architectural authenticity.

We knew that the project would require a hands-on-approach given the condition of the home. We wanted to save the historic character of the building, but renovate it so as to facilitate the lifestyle demands of modern living.

James Grogan and the project was a prefect match. His experience in historical restoration in Europe prepared him not only for the rehabilitative fundamentals but most importantly the architectural challenges involved. James had a creative flair that propelled our project to an exceptional level of imagination all within keeping to the traditions of a Victorian farmhouse.

The next challenge was to execute our plan in a manner consistent with the craftsmanship associated with this period. Again, James and his team's creative implementation generated a detailing that is classically beautiful, particularly in our library and sun porch.

We wish to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all those involved.

Priscilla & William Dugdale

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